Firstprizebears Gunsmoke

INT-GB-CZ-SK-LUX-NL-B-D-VDH-A Ch. Firstprizebears ApacheHD-B, ED-Free, Eyes-clearAM-CAN Ch. Windfiddler’s Still Cruisin’HD-GoodAM Ch. Windfiddler’s Bound To Be A StarHD-FairAM-CAN Ch. Potterdale Double ImageHD-Good
AM-CAN Ch. Classical Star Baby
Arranbrae Christmas Cracker At GallusHD 4:6GB Ch. Coalacre CuriosityHD 5:5
GB Ch. Potterdale Prelude
INT-NL-B-NL-D-VDH-LUX-CZ-PL-WW-2000 Ch. Firstprizebears Very BrownHD-A, Eyes-clearFirstprizebears EmersonHD-A, Eyes-clearINT-NL-F-B-LUX-D-VDH-DK-AM-CAN Ch. Shilstone Choir BoyHD-A
INT-NL-D-VDH-B Ch. Shilstone Secret
INT-NL-LUX-D-B-VDH-CAN Ch. Firstprizebears Hillary ClintonHD-A Eyes-clearD-VDH Ch. Pahari L’ The PaganHD-A
INT-NL-DK Ch. Sheepish’s Price Bear The FirstHD-A
Firstprizebears CheyenneHD-AGallus Last Post At Whistlebrae BrownHD 5:7Gillaber Lone PiperHD 5:9GB Ch. Pepperland Lyric John At Potterdale
GB Ch. Gillaber Highland LamentHD 1:2
Arranbrae Christmas Cracker At GallusHD 4:6GB Ch. Potterdale PreclusionHD 8:1
Arranbrae Royal RossoHD 16:2
INT-NL-B-LUX-D-VDH Ch. Firstprizebears Z’tampaHD-B, Eyes-clearINT-NL-B-VDH-D-LUX-GB Ch. Firstprizebears VancouverHD-A, Eyes-clearFirstprizebears EmersonHD-A, Eyes-clear
INT-NL-LUX-D-B-VDH-CAN Ch. Firstprizebears Hillary ClintonHD-A Eyes-clear
INT-S-B-NL-LUX Ch. Firstprizebears KokomoHD-A, Eyes-clearINT-ES-DK-D-B-NL Ch. In Petto Du Blason De KerlanHD-B
INT-NL-LUX Ch. Firstprizebears FloridaHD-A, Eyes-clear


Show results
06-09-08Luxemburg/LUXMrs. Tietze/DV1 Lux- Juniorchampion and best Junior
25-10-08Utrecht/NLMrs. ten Cate/NLV2
01-11-08Bleiswijk/NLMr. J. Walsh/IRLV1, JCAC, RCAC
09-11-08NBCC-ClubmatchMr. Atkins/ UKEx. 4
30-11-08Winner AmsterdamMrs. D. Mottram/UKVery good
21-12-08Wychen/NLMr. Ebels/NLVery good
25-01-09Moescroen/BMr. Brathen/DK, V1RCAC, RCACIB
08-02-09LuxemburgMr. C. Hastings/IrlV3
29-03-09Luxemburg/LMr. Ritter/FEx 1, CAC
26-04-09Genk/BMr. Deutscher/AEx 1, CAC
31-05-09Dublin/IrlMr. Levente/HEx 1
20-06-09Swords Int Show Dublin/IrlMrs. Deridder/BCAC, CACIB, BOS
27-06-09Kilkenny/IrlMrs. Blessing/GerGreen Star, BOS
04-07-09Bray All breed Ch/IrlMr. D. Smith/UKGreen Star, CACIB, BOB
16-08-09Clonmel/IrlMrs. G. Morrison/IrlGreen Star, BOS
17-08-09Killarney/IrlMrs. A. Ingram/IrlGreen Star, BOS
20-08-09Limerick/IrlMr. Tast/FinGreen Star BOS new Irish Champion
22-08-09Munster Circurite/IrlMr. Woods/USAGreen Star, BOS
19-09-09Carlow/IrlGreen StarBOS
28-03-10LuxemburgMrs. Poschacher/AEx-1, CAC new Luxemburg Champion
17-04-10Goes/NLMr. Wieldraaier/NLEx 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
16-05-10Wieze/BMrs. Vermeire/BEx 2
05-06-10Hulten/NLMr. Schepers/NLCAC, CACIB, BOB, selected group
03-07-10Genk/BMrs. Hectors/BRCAC, RCACIB
18-07-10Lokeren/BMrs. Derijke/BCAC, BOS
25-07-10Liege/BMrs. Nagall/IsraelBOS, CACIB, CAC new International Champion
08-08-10Ludwigshafen/DMrs. Müller-Heinz/DCAC, CACIB, BOS
21-08-10Mechelen/BMrs. De Ridder/BCAC, CACIB, BOS
29-08-10Rotterdam/NLMr. Jensen/NCAC, CACIB, BOB new Dutch Champion
24-07-11Liege/BMr. A. Hlebariv/BUExc 1
21-08-11Mechelen/BMrs. G. de Wit/NLExc 1 , Res-CACIB, Res-CAC
09-10-11Charleroi/BMr. Leenen/BEx, 1, CAC; BOB, seleted under the last 6 and new Belgium Champion


Champion offspring
  1. Firstprizebears Kokakola
  2. Firstprizebears Manhattan